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  Crypto Bloodbath: Bitcoin Back to $3,950 After Dip...

Since achieving a new all-time high above $4,500, bitcoin price has recorded four minor corrections. Earlier today, on August 22, bitcoin price fell to $3,800 as the market and investors started to fear for a sell-off prior to the scheduled November ...

Posted by ...1ooYwUqqfio+9LosM5hW...  full address, 46 minutes ago by  5   0   0

  Filecoin ICO Raises Record $250 Million from Accre...

Initial coin offering (ICO) investments have exploded in 2017, surpassing early venture capital (VC) funding for internet companies. Individual funding totals have ratcheted up throughout the year. In June, Bancor raised a then-record $153 million; t...

Posted by neo  full address, 24 hours ago by  3   1   0

  Ex Ethereum, Stripe & Apple Trio Raising $1 millio...

Balanced software has announced that they are launching a classic crowd fund to make people and businesses a $ 1 million fine to build an app to help manage their banking and blockchain balance. The team consists of three founders: Richard Burton fro...

Posted by ...TmyTNyksmvcUpBAuRIcl...  full address, 53 minutes ago by  1   0   1

  Bitcoin Cash: Chinese Big 3 Exchanges Huobi & OKCo...

Two of Chinas big three cryptocurrency trading platforms are now officially supporting Bitcoin Cash (BCC) after launching trading today. In official announcements today, Huobi and OKCoin began supporting Bitcoin Cash, a digital currency blockchain l...

Posted by ...mNrb/NTW7G9BP9cLDSzY...  full address, 47 minutes ago by  2   0   0

  What is Bitcoin and how do I get rich from it?

Bitcoin was the first fully realised cryptocurrency and remains the most well known. If you come across an online store that accepts cryptocurrency payments, then it's highly likely that Bitcoin will be the one that's supported. It emerged in the wa...

Posted by ...kpjbeI0ahHNgSl9GTkAX...  full address, 24 hours ago by  1   0   1

  Asian Market Update: Bad Day for Coins Both Bitco...

[b]The Big Question: Has Bitcoin Reached a Temporary Peak ?[/b] Investors might be losing confidence over a recent rally that saw a few record highs in Bitcoin price. After trading above $4,300 on Thursday, the price for Bitcoin fell sharply, and i...

Posted by .../nfzKZ+a1eIlFZ1MqTa0...  full address, 41 minutes ago by  1   0   0

  Monero Price Reaches Record $95 after Listing on K...

Monero price reached a new record on Monday, rising to $95 following news that Bithumb, the worlds most-used cryptocurrency exchange, would soon add Monero trading pairs to its platform. [b]Bithumb to Add XMR Trading Pairs[/b] This morning, Korean ...

Posted by ...iQ4QmfyFknqan9R2sG8h...  full address, 50 minutes ago by  1   0   0

  Warmth in a Cold World

Our world is so cold winter so long hibernating beauty waiting for spring's song The valleys are warm comforting us from afar in the midst of life's storms like a star The ice is melting the sky is now blue God awakens us we are made anew The moun...

Posted by ...kpjbeI0ahHNgSl9GTkAX...  full address, 23 hours ago by  1   0   0


Love Is Real
I believe in true love as i watch my mom stay still and live her life
0.0001 MSK / hour, expire ~ 20 minutes


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